A Pap Smear is an annual pelvic exam that’s performed one every year. During a pap smearm swab of the vagina is done which is then sent off to a lab and tested. Cervical cancer is one of the things that can be detected as a result of the swab. Also chlamydia & HPV.

Patients should be screened or tested for Chlamydia during their yearly Annual exams. Other tests such as gonorrhea and syphilis screening should be offered if a patient’s medical or sexual history includes prior exposure to syphilis or a positive test result for another STD.

Test provided are:
Herpes ABC

If you test positive for a STD (gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia, HIV) which are communicable diseases, Florida law requires that the positive test be reported to the health departments within 24 hours in which our offices serve. We will also contact you and have you come in and inform you of your test result and place you on a treatment plan.

At the follow-up visit, you’ll be encouraged to tell any partners about the infection so that they can also be tested and treated if necessary. Or, if you prefer, you can relay the names of your partners to the health department and they will contact your partners for testing and treatment if necessary.