Walking into a clinic is not the easiest thing to do. I came in on Monday morning was greeted right away from the front desk. I had extra questions but didn’t feel comfortable speaking in front of the waiting area. The office manager buzzed me in and answered my questions in the exam room privately. After filing out my paper work Dr. Roth started on my sonogram. He was very nice and for once didn’t feel judged by the answers I gave. I would highly recommend this Clinic. The atmosphere and staff just give a welcoming feeling.

– Kimberly Guzman

My first time and they make me fill very welcome and comfortable.Great staff.Doctor it very professional.

– Rebeca Aguilera

I’ve been at this office many times and had the best experience ever. They made me feel comfortable and supportive. The patients on the other hand are annoying. When they come here the expect to come and leave in 1 hour. They also except the staff to be super sensitive and expect them to help make their decisions and take some of the blame for their decisions. The patients treats this office and the staff like a Mc Donald’s drive through, and we all know when you go to any clinic you expect to wait and be seen when it’s your turn. The staff here made me feel good and always had my best interest at heart.

– Shanique Baptiste

In February 2015 , I visited this facility and was very satisfied with the services and care I received. The staff was professional and courteous, the facility was clean and I felt well treated by Dr. Brown. I visited this office regarding an IUD issue, but they are a full service clinic and have great prices for woman’s health services. The office and waiting area was comfortable and the staff was attentive to mine and the other woman’s needs. I’ve been able to call with questions, and continue to receive great service. I would recommend this facility to anyone in need of services. Before believing things mentioned in previous reviews, do your own research and call them directly with questions or concerns. Thank you to the staff and Dr. brown.

– B. Jackeline

Good service, friendly doctor and staff.

– Eva Diaz del Olmo

This is a good place doctors an nurses are awesome I would recommend this place 101 time.

– DWI & Molly

This was the most comfortable place I’ve been too. The staff made me feel comfortable and safe and I felt like I can trust them. The doctors were friendly and made the process a lot more easier to deal with. They didn’t make me feel like I was doing something wrong with my life. I like that I was able talk to the doctor about anything without feeling judged. Granted some of the questions he asked made me feel uncomfortable but I know they wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t for my safety. The place is very clean and has a homey feel to it. It didn’t feel like I was going in for a death sentence. I would recommend this place to any close friends and family that need procedures or check ups.

– Daphne Nunez

I’ve been here a few times and everytime i went it was the same experience. The doctor was always nice and the nurse always made me feel comfortable the place was always clean once you get the anesthesia its literally over.. I was never rushed out i was always given a generous amount of time to wake up and i would recommend this place to anybody…

– Wilesha Grant

Professional, and quick I was there for about 2 in a half hours but it was a lot of girls before me they moved pretty quick. Once the anesthesia was put in me I don’t remember anything!! The nurse was nice and they doctor was very funny, I loved my experience here. Place is nice and clean I would definitely recommend this place to others.

– Kyauna Randall

Very high recommended,comfortable clean & I didn’t feel or remember anything.

– Angelica Garcia

This place is a great place i was treated great. They went over things with me answered any question i had. The price was great $250.00 if ur under 10 weeks. Very clean the dr talk to me with respect he wasnt rude or made me feel bad about my decision. I will send others there cause my experience was worth it.

– Lakeysha Rutledge

Friendly doctor, very friendly staff. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing a termination in the Hollywood area!!

– Ashley Hope

This is an excellent choice for a office specializing in women’s health needs. I was a recent patient, and I can honestly say it was not only a warm and friendly environment, but also an extremely clean, state of the art, and certainly the only place I would recommend that anyone I care about visit. Trust me, look no further. They also have great prices. Thank you to everyone at this office!

– Anonymous

I Went Here When I Was 16 November something in 2010 , Of Course my Mom Took me // I Was Scared But The People Was Nice the Nurse Was Nice Nobody Judged Me and The Man who Did my procedure Didnt come off as Mean or Rude he asked a few questions . . Said He Hope To Not See me again so be careful next time he told me to Count to 3 gave me sum kind of medication ‘ 1 …. 2 ….. 3….. and I Dont Rememba Anything else after That I Woke up a Nurse Helped me Up and To The Bathroom to Put Back on my Clothes ‘ and That Was It The place is Nice and spacious I Would Recommend It!

– Anonymous

The staff was wonderful, and the process was quick. I didn’t have any medication, I didn’t feel anything.

– Anonymous